The indestructible, adjustable, perfect-fit belt.

  • Fits 28 - 48 inch waists.
  • Genuine leather with kevlar inner core. Will not tear or stretch.
  • Ratcheting buckle.

Rated 5   Rated 5 Stars



Product Description

Introducing Everbelt, the world's first belt that's guaranteed for life. It will never wear out, never stretch, and never look sloppy. On the outside, Everbelt is hand-crafted with a beautiful, buttery-soft leather. On the inside, it's a virtually indestructible KEVLAR core.

The secret is it's wrapped around a virtually indestructible kevlar core. Plus our ingenious ratcheting buckle eliminates the need for belt holes all together. You simply slide and click, that's it! So no matter your size, you always get a custom fit so stylish, yet so durable, we guarantee the EverBelt forever!

Whether you're short, big, or tall, Everbelt fits them all!


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