Just spray it on and the stains are gone! Instagone multi-purpose stain remover means no rubbing, no scrubbing, and no wiping!

  • Removes Stubborn Rust Stains
  • Safe to Use on Most Surfaces
  • Tough on Mold and Mildew Stains

Rated 5   Rated 5 Stars


Product Description

Instagone Stain Remover Multi-Purpose Stain Remover

Spray it on, watch them disappear! No rubbing! No scrubbing! No wiping! Spray it on and the stains are gone!

InstaGone is unbeatable on mold, mildew, water spots, soot, nicotine and other stains. Works on acoustical ceiling tiles, popcorn ceilings, caulking, tile, masonry, plaster, stucco, PVC patio furniture and more!

Works on mold, water stains, mildew, nicotine, rust, soot, and more.

Includes: One 22 oz spray, and 2 x Pre-measured packets of super-concentrated, ultra-oxidizing InstaGone Stain Remover.


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